Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mission Statement (of excellence)

This story starts out with K, J, and me. We're just hanging out at the oldest(K) and her husband's(B) apartment during a two week break between classes. While we were all together, we decided to make some of our favorite meals. For me at least these are meals I love, but don't want to spend the money to make them for one person. (It doesn't hurt that B and K are providing all the ingredients. haha.)

So, we're calling and emailing home to whip up some sweet meals. Then, K said we should make a website to keep track of these recipes. I figured a blog would work. And then I can keep any other cool (delicious, weird, etc.) recipes I find here. So, yeah. That's my plan.

Here's a list of recipes I know I need to put up:
French fries
Oven Pancakes
Apple Crisp
Pizza (baked potato flavor)
Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
Ramen Burrito
Banana Bread (with pudding mix)
Laura's chocolate cake
Cake mix (and brownie mix) cookies
Madeline's carrot cake and cream cheese frosting
No-bake cookies
Caramel corn
Edible playdough
Grilled cheese
Brett's browines
Breakfast potatoes

I'm sure to find more that I love.

Oh, and just be warned, I am very much into experimenting and not using exact measurements.

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